Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Merganser and her babies

A friend and I were out kayaking the other day.. we came upon a merganser and about 20 or more babies... it was amazing to see.. so many babies.. I have never seen so many with one parent.  According to the Cornell Lab site " Broods often join together in groups of multiple females with 40 or more young".  Since we only saw 1 female, I wonder if that was the case here and something happened or perhaps another female was searching for food.  Mergansers apparently produce 6 to 17 eggs.
 We met them again when we kayaked down the Cockermouth River  from the northern end of  Newfound Lake and back.. on the way back , we ran into these water fowl.. and they would double time paddle with their feet... it looked kind of funny..I took these pictures with my iPhone.  I did try to crop the pictures and see that they are a little fuzzy as a result,  but you can see all the babies!!!!

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